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White wersi atlantis organ for sale. Top specification, good condition, open to offers.
email me if you would like to make an offer on this instrument.

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What are you looking to get for the Wersi........ 1or2 for sale in Holland for around 3000 euros which color is yours does it have speaker and software ?

how about £ 1500.00 collected?

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Thank s for reply , If you have been offered 8000 euros for your Atlantis Bravo!! I would take it!!! I notice it is in p/x for a Scala these are widely available at present in Europe for around £ 8,0000.oo or less .so be sure they are not inflating the price so that you get nothing for yours all the best

Rudolph Hucker
van laere alain
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dag beste wersi vriend 1 waar staat het orgel en wat is u prijs ik woon in belgie te gentbrugge
nog een prettige dag in afwachting van een antwoord
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